Rates available upon request.

  • Business proposal, Statement of Qualifications or grant request

Working closely with you during every step of the process, I will craft a clear, concise proposal, SOQ or grant request that meets all the requirements set out by the desired client or grantmaker and is sure to stand out from the rest. Leave it to me to write straightforward descriptions of what your company or organization does and wants to do, giving you more time to focus on actually doing it. My keen attention to detail will help you make sure you don’t leave out important information that could disqualify you if lacking.

  • Request for Proposals, Request for Qualifications or Notice of Grant Availability

Using my experience in writing documents in response to RFPs, RFQs and NGAs, I will collaborate with you to put together a document that ensures you get the information and details you need from proposers with the utmost clarity and little uncertainty, minimizing the amount of back and forth you will have to engage in with proposers during the question and answer period. The document I will help you write will guide proposers in putting together proposals that contain all the necessary information within a minimal number of pages.

  • Technical document writing/editing

Using my intimate familiarity with passenger rail and rail transit operations, maintenance, customer service, safety and security procedures and protocols, I will prepare a draft of any document that is necessary in carrying out the functions associated with providing or overseeing a safe and regulatory compliant passenger rail service. I will also revise and edit any existing such document in response to changes in regulations or agency requirements or direction, or simply to make the document read more straightforwardly. I am familiar with operations/maintenance/safety/security/customer service/quality assurance plans, standard operating procedures, checklist, normal and special instructions, and all similar documents.

  • News report

With primary and secondary research and original source interviews, I will write a brief, objective, factual report in easily accessible layperson’s English. Though my expertise is in transportation topics, I can write a report on nearly any topic. My news reports have been published in Trains Magazine’s online News Wire.

  • Short story or blog post (with byline or ghostwritten)

I will prepare an informative, persuasive or entertaining brief story for online publication, either with my own byline or as a ghostwriter for publication under someone else’s name. I have had opinion/editorial pieces published in Trains Magazine’s Observation Tower blog, the Greensboro News & Record, and The American Prospect’s staff blog. Though I am open to most topics, I reserve the right to refuse jobs that involve espousing views or positions that I find objectionable.

  • Feature article for magazine or newspaper (with byline or ghostwritten)

I will write an in-depth, well-researched and engaging feature piece for print publication on transportation, public policy, urban design, railroads, travel, environmental topics, or other subjects. I have had feature stories published in Trains Magazine and Passenger Train Journal.

  • Press release or official letter (with byline or ghostwritten)

I will take time to become familiar with the core message and writing style of your company or organization and of the individual(s) for whom I am ghostwriting and will craft a press release or letter to match the given style. I have written press releases for Travelers United, the Rail Passengers Association, a Congressional campaign and the Humane Society of the United States, and have ghostwritten letters for presidential candidate John Edwards and for the CEO of the Rail Passengers Association.

  • Policy white paper
  • Policy brief

I will craft a short or long piece that lays out the reasons for supporting a particular policy position and cites the evidence backing those reasons, including charts, graphs and other images that clearly convey the message.

  • Research report with original research

I have honed my craft at academic writing over four years of a writing-intensive undergraduate curriculum and in a two-year graduate program in public policy on transportation, and recently contributed to a think tank report on the use of competitive procurement for rail transit track maintenance. Independently or as part of a team, I will conduct original research on any topic and prepare a thorough and engaging report that meets the highest academic standards, whether or not it is for academic use or publication. Recommendations from past professors and clients available on request.

  • Short film (5 min or less)
  • Long film (greater than 5 min)

Using either my own original footage (see Videography below) or footage provided to me or retrieved from public domain or Creative Commons sources online, I will prepare a high-quality film of any desired length using iMovie, for publication on an online platform like YouTube or Vimeo, for posting on social media, or for distribution on a DVD or thumb drive. I have had over a decade of experience producing all sorts of films using iMovie and have made films for Travelers United, the Rail Passengers Association, Live Green Inc. and others.

  • Photography

I will conduct high-resolution photo shoots with my Nikon D3100 DSLR camera and tripod in a variety of settings, on location or in a studio or space provided by client. Please find samples of my photography here [link to come].

  • Videography

I will record high-definition video on location or in a studio provided by client, according to client’s specifications, using my Nikon D3100 DSLR camera and/or my Sanyo Xacti portable HD digital video camera. I will either transmit my raw footage to the client using thumb drives or an external hard drive, or edit the footage into a finished film using iMovie (see Short Film and Long Film above).

  • Travel advice:

Custom itinerary suggestions$50 per hour  Using my extensive experience planning my own (mostly car-free) trips and accomplishing routine travel around major cities without a car, I will put together a list of suggestions or proposed itinerary for any trip you want to undertake using the optimal combination of travel modes to suit your desires and budget. Whatever types of activities you want to include and whatever combination of destinations you want to visit, I will work with you to figure out how to make it happen. I have first-hand familiarity with the US and Canada and parts of Mexico and western Europe, but am happy to research and provide suggestions for other parts of the world.

Booking advice/finding deals$40 per hour  Sick of spending time trying to figure out which booking site offers the best deal for your trip and of not knowing the best time to book? For just $40 per hour, you can leave all that guesswork to me — a seasoned traveler and independent travel planner. Simply tell me where you’d like to travel, the number in your party, and the dates you’re looking at and I’ll do the legwork. I will also complete the online booking for you for an additional fee, to be negotiated.